On the Ground (Again) in TZ — Project Updates and More!

Jenga Jumuiya

I’ve been here just one week and projects are already starting to get off the ground! Yesterday, I “accidentally” met with the Village Elder who I’ve been working with on the Monduli School Project. We had been trying to connect, but hadn’t made it happen yet…and there he was in the coffee shop when I went in to grab a quick chai. I remember for the last project in Oldonyo Sambu, I had a similar “accidental” meeting on the side of the road with the Village Chairman. Sometimes you just can’t plan for these things…they just happen. (Village Elder Mr. Loshiro on the right in the photo below)


So here’s where we stand on the current, past, and upcoming projects:


Mr. Loshiro (the Village Elder) and I had a long chat about the project and the information I am needing to put the proper project…

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